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Hannon Travel was founded in Ireland in 2000. Through steady growth, we have evolved as a major travel provider to some of the country’s largest corporations. As well as our established bases in Ireland and the UK, we have forged a global partnership with Reed & Mackay and serve clients across the world, providing a truly global service.

Our firm commitment to customer service, customer care and customer priority is our trademark. Our unique approach through understanding our client’s business enables us to tailor the best solution to every request. We are proactive in providing quality seamless solutions and expert advice every step of the way, twenty-four hours a day, every day.. As a tightly knit team, our greatest advantage is our people.

At Hannon Travel Services, we believe that to travel is to discover, that a well planned journey is more valuable than a business class seat or a fast connection. We believe in applying all of our knowledge and expertise to remove pressure points, pre-empt problems and pro-actively seek solutions.

"As a tightly knit team,
our greatest advantage is our people"

Eimer Hannon

What Makes Us Different?

Founded in 2000, our expert team has years of experience in providing bespoke premium services, catering for our clients’ corporate travel and leisure travel plans.


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