Hannon Travel announces its support for Aircraft Leasing Ireland’s Global Sustainability Day 2023

Following the resounding success of the inaugural ALI Global Sustainability Day 2022, which saw over 420 attendees coming together to drive meaningful change, we at Hannon Travel have once again committed our support to the ALI Global Sustainability Day 2023. This year’s event is due to take place on the later date of 20th November 2023, at the CCD Dublin. 

Recap of the Inaugural Event

The inaugural ALI Global Sustainability Day marked a pivotal moment in the aviation industry’s journey toward sustainability. Hannon Travel was a proud participant and supporter of this event, which brought together stakeholders from various corners of the industry. With 420+ attendees representing airlines, regulators, aircraft leasing firms, and more, the event was a true testament to the shared commitment on the path to Net Zero. A commitment that was demonstrated by the signing of the ALI charter. In 2022, we were delighted to capture the key industry actions through a graphic recording, created and shared with participants throughout the day.  

Looking Ahead to this year’s event 

The upcoming ALI Global Sustainability Day promises to build upon the success of last year and we are delighted to be lending our support once again. With even more attendees expected, the event will foster collaboration, innovation, and a renewed sense of urgency to address the environmental impacts of the aviation industry now and into the future. 

About Hannon Travel 

Hannon Travel is a longstanding specialist in travel management for the aviation industry. If you’d like to find out more about our travel solutions, connect with us at info@hannontravel.com to arrange a consultation.